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  1. Howard Stallings Says:

    So how much real world energy will this thing develop for a home or a car?

    Which does it power?

    How much does it cost?

  2. W.Repetti Says:

    It has been awhile since I left anything on here, I think it may be a fun experiment to find someone with a few Billion dollars to help get your idea marketed. It makes me think of the war between Edison and Tesla it took awhile but even a crazy immigrant got funding once he showed he was very sane and was able to explain his discoveries. We were not really ready for A.C. if you can’t tell, When you see all the major users of Nuclear energy have had some sort of trouble and yet it is “clean energy”, all so you can have lights on, watch T.v., play music etc…. It is nice to have the comfort but not at the price we pay at times. I wonder when you won’t seem so crazy John. Sell that thing on Craigslist already. I can see the add right now, Slightly used Fluxomaticmotor comes complete with service manual and Engineer asking for 5 Billion dollars or trade 1 million Ipads.

  3. fluxomaticmotor Says:

    Power for Land, Sea, Air, and Beond? air You my Huckelbary?

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